Punjab Government, with a view to provide delivery of services to the people of the state within time limits, notified Punjab Right to Service Ordinance on 14/7/2011. The Ordinance came into force w.e.f. 28th July, 2011 when 67 services were notified under its provisions. Soon after, Punjab Right to Service Act-2011 (PRTS Act-2011) was passed by the State Assembly and thus, came into effect on 20th October, 2011.

As per Section 12 of the PRTS Act-2011, there is a provision to constitute Punjab Right to Service Commission (PRTSC) consisting of 1 Chief Commissioner and 4 Commissioners who would look after the task of effective implementation of the Act.Now through amendment no. 24-Leg./2016 dated 26-May-2016 the number of Commissioners has been increased to 10.

PRTSC has been entrusted with the task of making suggestions to the state government for ensuring better delivery of services. The Commission will also hear revision applications against the orders of 2nd Appellate Authority. The Commission has been constituted since 23 Nov, 2011. For details visit Contact Us.


The Punjab Right to Service Act-2011 was enacted with the sole objective of providing an effective frame work for time bound delivery of services being provided by various Government departments in order to promote transparency and accountability.

With the expansion of economy, there has been awareness all around and public at large felt that though they are entitled to services under various enactments, yet there was no time limit fixed for delivery of the services.

The PRTS Act-2011 has empowered people to seek services in a hassle free, corruption free, transparent and time-bound manner through different service delivery mechanism. This will ensure that people take maximum advantage of time bound service delivery system. It is our firm belief that services delivered within the prescribed time limits and without any hassle will enhance credibility of the government functioning.

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