Frequently asked questions

1. When did the Punjab Right to Service Act come into force?
20th October, 2011
2. What does Service mean?
3. How many services are notified under PRTS Act-2011? What are these services?
4. How can I apply for the services under RTS?
5. Within what time should the service be provided?
6. Which is one Window/Place where I can seek all services instead of going to different designated Officers?
7. Who are the Designated Officers? What are their duties?
8. Who are the Appellate Authorities and what are their functions?
9. How do I know that my application has been accepted?
10. Can my application be rejected by designated officer?
11. Can I make an application at Sewa Kendra even though the designated officer for that service is located somewhere else?
12. Can Sewa Kendra Incharge /Designated Officer turn down my application on one pretext or the other?
13. Is Application under RTS free of Cost?
14. Is there any fee for making an appeal?
15. Where can I complain in case my application is not accepted or the service delivery is deficient?
16. How long will Grievance Redressal Authority take to decide my appeal?
17. How long does Appellate Authority take to decide the appeal?
18. Can I contact the Punjab Right To Service Commission direct?
19. Can I suggest to Commission some changes / modifications in the service delivery mechanism? May I also suggest some new services to be brought under PRTS Act-2011?
20. How can I contact to Commission for making any suggestions?
21. How can I get adequate know-how about the functioning of RTS Act-2011?

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